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About the CEO

Kendrea J. Williams-( is CEO and an Indiana University (IUPUI) School of Liberal Arts (SLA)-Alum that majored in African American History, with a focus on The Black Economic Experience since 1865, and minored in Communication Studies with a focus on Communication Arts.  While a nontraditional student, her on campus activities included : Student Council President, (2013/2014); Innovation to Enterprise Technology (ITEC) program; Ideas Solving Social and Economic Issues, (ISSEC) Student Pitch Competition;  Undergraduate Research Opportunity Fellow, (UROP) and McNair Postbacculaurate Program Scholar, in addition to meeting the requirements for a R.I.S.E designation, for her involvement in civic-minded research and application.

Through her participation in on-campus activities, she became civically involved in helping local under-resourced nonprofit organizations and small start-ups, increase their economic market share and gain positioning within their respective industries.  Some of the major marketing and public relations initiatives she has led include(s): Dreamapolis Indianapolis (current); Steward Speaker Series (2013 and 2014 seasons); The National Council on Black Studies 37th Annual Conference,(2013) and SuccessGuide Indianapolis (2011/2012 and 2015), to name a few.


Lisa Helms ( joined in 2016 as the Director of Partnerships and Sponsors for PitchFeast. In her role, Lisa’s main responsibility is to gain the valuable partners and sponsors to help support the PitchFeast mission. She is always looking for local business owners willing to assist in helping a new business owners gain the resources on the path to making their idea be a success story.


“When I attended my first PitchFeast event in the summer of 2015 and was immediately a fan! I loved the community feel of the event and the valuable feedback everyone pitching received from the attendee’s. PitchFeast is really for everyone who has an idea in any stage. When called upon to join the team I was excited to jump on the mission to support the entrepreneurial community I was also a part of.”


Lisa is also an entrepreneur herself owning a HR consulting business called Collaborative Hiring. The practice focuses on recruitment system implementation, best hiring practices and process in today’s competitive candidate market. Prior to being a business owner she spent many years as a global recruiting leader working in such local Indianapolis companies as ExactTarget and Midwest ISO.

Michelle Janson, Ph.D ( joined the PitchFeast team in 2016. As a counselor and an owner of a business providing on- and off-camera voice over services for various media outlets. Working with PitchFeast not only allows her the opportunity to be a part of a tremendous entrepreneurial support network, but also support others as they fulfill their dreams of becoming business owners. 

Using her background in counseling, education, and research on emotional intelligence, Michelle focuses on the psychological side of communications and the networking aspects behind entrepreneurial development. It is a true honor and pleasure for her to be a part of a wonderful team providing PitchFeast and other events that support and encourage the growth of both new and established businesses within our community and beyond."

PitchFeast Advisory Team:

Michael Head of Counsel-Reichel Stohry

Stephanie Fernhaber, Ph.D- Butler University

Denver Hutt (Honorary/Lifetime)

Lisa Helms- Collaborative Hiring

Michelle Janson, Ph.D

Jason Williams- Centric Indy

PitchFeast Corporation Board Members

Karen F. White               Victoria Walker 

Dr. Omosegbon Ph.D     Safari R. Jackson

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PitchFeast Corporation is a 501(c)3 Public Charity.  Donations made to this organization are tax-deductible and can be made via the Givelify app.