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About PitchFeast Corporation:

We are a 501c3 organization that provides under-represented entrepreneurs with the essential business development support, and "technical" training and services, in order to contribute to the development of entrepreneurial projects and ventures. Our hope is that our work results in positive social and economic development in urban communities around the world, because we educate and develop entrepreneurs to use their personal skills and creativity, not to just make a buck, but strive to make a difference in their world.


As a Micro-Enterprise Development Organization, we Strive to:

        I.            Foster the ideas and best practices to provide urban entrepreneurs with opportunities and platforms to learn and create in innovate ways that will spur new growth and participation in entrepreneurship.

     II.            Formulate an action plan to increase the number of successful minority ventures.

  III.            Develop an ecosystem for advancing and stimulating the entrepreneurial growth and sustainability of under-resourced and minority entrepreneurs.

  IV.            Invest real capital into under-represented entrepreneurs, while organizing resources that encourage their growth and sustainability


Our services and workshops are geared towards encouraging micro-enterprises and under-resourced entrepreneurs to approach their business idea as a planned and systematic discipline, through purposeful planning, resulting in a sustainable business enterprise.  

We empower entrepreneurial and economic development by:

                    I.            Focusing our training on the understanding of a particular industry using market research.

                 II.            Focusing on teaching entrepreneurs how to find and create new customers.

              III.            Focusing on teaching entrepreneurs how to define markets, create new ones and promote them.

              IV.            Focusing on teaching entrepreneurs how to integrate the customers wants, needs and preferences, with their own entrepreneurial intellectual creative capacity and skills, in order to design new products and services based on their customer's desires.

                V.            Providing tangible financial and business resources, which reduce the barriers to entry for a new venture.



Our Impact to Date:


To date, we have hosted 44 PitchFeast events.  Of those events, we have helped 76 under-resourced entrepreneurs move their business idea into a fully structured entity.  This means these businesses are now able to enjoy the benefits of being a small business owner such as opening a bank account, applying for credit or a business loan, and protecting their own personal assets and wealth.

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PitchFeast Corporation is a 501(c)3 Public Charity.  Donations made to this organization are tax-deductible and can be made via the Givelify app.